Training & development


We want to make sure that you receive the best possible start with us.  Everyone joining Sanofi is offered a comprehensive induction programme which ensures you are given all the essential information to begin a successful career within Sanofi.  You will be provided with an introduction to our values, our culture, as well as our strategy and the structure of our business.  It also provides you with an opportunity to meet your colleagues, including members of the leadership team, and build your contacts across the organisation.

We want you to be the very best you can be


At Sanofi, we believe people are the key to building and sustaining the growth of our organisation.  So we seek to provide our people with the opportunity to reach their full potential and by developing their skills and helping them to grow within the company.  Every employee will have regular meetings with their line manager about development goals and career aspirations.  You and your manager will identify development opportunities that are relevant to your role and build upon your expertise and professional skills.  The output of these meetings will be your development plan, a process which is formalised once a year. 

In addition, every employee is encouraged to take ownership of their personal development.  We estimate that 70% of your learning will come from your day-to-day job, with 20% from others such as your manager, an internal mentor or your colleagues, and 10% from formal training courses.  Your performance and development will be monitored throughout the year so your objectives can be adjusted as required.  You will be the primary owner of your development with your manager available to support and coach you.


Sanofi will provide you with easy access to a range of development options, including online learning modules, book summaries and a catalogue of training courses in the areas of leadership and personal development, all of which will support you in achieving your business priorities and personal development plans.

At the heart of your personal training and development is the shared behavioural competency framework, which provides a structure and common language for Sanofi employees across the world.  The competency framework is linked to company vision, mission and business objectives.  It helps Sanofi identify and select the best talent and identify individuals who have the capability to develop in different activities and functions across the Group.