With two manufacturing plants in the UK and one distribution centre, we have dedicated employees across these locations producing first class medicines to meet the need of our patients.

Our manufacturing teams consist of highly skilled individuals all of whom play a vital role in providing healthcare across the country.

Production - Produce active ingredients (chemical or biochemical production), manufacture and package all drug and vaccine products - ensuring everything stands up to compliance and best practice methodologies.

Organisation and industrial methods - Drive performance across the industrial facilities by defining and monitoring performance aims. They put rigorous checks in place and make recommendations for future improvements, as well as putting together proposals for any new equipment.

Technical services and engineering - Guarantee we run at optimum performance levels and meet pharmaceutical best-practice requirements on all sites (including installation, introduction of new technologies and maintenance).

Logistics and distribution - Storage and delivery of all our products, fulfilling optimal supply, production scheduling and stock levels, whilst guaranteeing timely and efficient dispatch.

And of course...Quality and HSE are integral to our day to day activities