Laura - Field Sales

Therapy Development Executive (TDE)

I gained a BA (Hons) Health and Social Care in Mental Health and I am also a Registered Nurse.  I am currently studying towards an MBA, which is being supported by sanofi-aventis. Prior to joining sanofi-aventis, I worked in the NHS as both a hospital nurse and as a research nurse. I joined sanofi-aventis as a pharmaceutical representative and was in this role for two and a half years. I am now a therapy development executive specialising in thrombosis.

Today I had an all day meeting with other TDE’s in my region. The meeting’s aim is to up skill and share best practice across the region. A variety of outside speakers are invited from PBC Cluster leads to PCT Commissioners, where we have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas for future projects.

Key learnings from today are the need to ensure we are truly customer centric in both our day-to-day work and as an organisation. It’s also to enable fully informed and productive discussions with key customers, which means we need to know a variety of key NHS documents – both locally and nationally. The meeting also gave me an opportunity to discuss with colleagues what is happening in their area and learn from their experience.

I have a meeting today to discuss a project with a service lead and medical director, which will also be attended by my Project Development Executive. We’re working with the Trust to achieve their aims, so together we develop a project plan starting in April 2010. Projects like this are really exciting as the benefits to both the Trust and the patient are huge, truly demonstrating customer centricity.

I really need to catch up on some admin. Our role relies on a lot of research prior to each call to ensure we do not waste customers’ time. We need to go to them with a proposition that is of value to them. Firstly I look at the CQC website to assess how my accounts are doing and review recently published national guidelines, as well as refreshing my clinical knowledge.

To have any credibility we need to have both breadth and depth of knowledge, as an acknowledgement of this we do not currently have activity targets which makes a refreshing change in this industry! Our marketing, medical team and integrated healthcare managers are fantastic at providing us with pointers of where to look for information and flagging pertinent issues.

On today’s agenda, I have a cardiology meeting and 1:1 appointments in cardiology. We face some challenges in this department and it is always essential that I keep abreast of any new information within my therapy area and inform others accordingly. We also need to be aware of what the network priorities are and how these may affect the environment and, ultimately, impact upon us. Our scientific advisors are also important as often Cardiologist ask questions about unlicenced indications, which is where they step in.

My first meeting is a productive one, with the clinical governance department to discuss our support for 2010. On finishing, it’s straight into my end of the week task of getting all my admin up-to-date – ensuring all calls are in the system, meeting expenses are submitted, meetings are closed, weekly successes are sent and I-Plan is updated. And, as I do at the end of every day, I ensure all my e-mails are responded to.

I find this role really exciting and rewarding. We have time to understand our LHE (Local Healthcare Economy) in great depth, which allows us to add value to our customers and stand out from other representatives. We are also able to set up innovative projects and share best practice both between colleagues and with customers through networking. And our new structure has provided us with opportunity platform to work in new ways resulting in benefits for the NHS, patients, the company and for TDEs too!