Where is your head office?

Sanofi UK Head Office is situated in Guildford, Surrey.

Where are your other UK sites?

Sanofi has five sites in the UK. Our manufacturing sites are located in Holmes Chapel and Haverhill. Our Distribution centre is based in Chapeltown. Sanofi Genzyme is based in Oxford and Sanofi’s Head Office is in Guildford.

What are your company values?

At Sanofi, we have five company values. These are Innovation, Confidence, Respect, Solidarity and Integrity.

Forward thinking: We encourage our people and partners to embrace creative solutions and excel through entrepreneurship.

Standing out: We are confident; standing up for what we believe in and pursuing our goals passionately.  Always resilient, we dare to challenge the norm.

Embracing difference: We recognise and respect the diverse needs of our people, patients and partners, ensuring transparent and constructive interactions through mutual trust.

We are united through responsibility for the actions of our people, the wellbeing of our patients and our sustainable impact on the environment.

Acting ethically: We commit to maintain the highest ethical and quality standards in providing effective, safe and appropriate solutions without compromise.

What development opportunities does Sanofi provide?

Sanofi is committed to creating a working environment that is the envy of others, where job satisfaction levels are high and individual development is encouraged and delivered upon. A key element of this vision is developing a culture that encourages each of us to take personal ownership of our own development.

We aim to achieve this by supporting all employees through the provision of a portfolio of high quality, blended, competency based development opportunities. This enables individuals to succeed in their role and drive their development throughout their career with the organisation.

For more in-depth details of what Sanofi has to offer regarding individual development, please see our ‘Training and Development' section.

What benefits package does Sanofi provide?

For our overall benefits package, please see our Rewards and Benefits section. In addition to our general benefits package Sanofi meets the cost of employee parking across the UK and has a subsidised restaurant and gym within the Head Office for the use of all employees. Staff discounts are also provided in a range of areas, from hairdressers to wine!

How does Sanofi help the local community?

Sanofi provides support to countless local and national charities in the UK. In addition to this we raised over £200,000  for the Teenage Cancer Trust between 2011 and 2015.  The Teenage Cancer Trust was our chosen corporate charity partner because the work they do resonates with one of our business aims which is, quite simply, improving the lives of people with cancer.

What is the overall working culture at Sanofi?

Here at Sanofi we have an optimistic, hard working and supportive culture where individual responsibilities and the freedom to experiment is key and respect for all employees is clear.
• A commonality of interest is felt, suggesting the interdependence and mutual responsibility of those within our company
• Our open mindedness allows our imagination and originality to contribute towards new ideas
• By communicating openly, conflict is dealt with in a constructive manor allowing mistakes to be recognised and corrected
• Individual development is encouraged within Sanofi, whether this is personal or professional. We also believe that supporting each other as a group is also key and team spirit is a main focus and feel of our company.
• We hold ambitious objectives that emphasise the risks we take in our area of expertise, and by capitalising on these objectives through opportunities, we embrace change

Do you offer student placement opportunities at Sanofi?

Yes, we do offer student placement opportunities. These vary across the business and at different times of the year. All vacancies within this area will be advertised through the careers office of your university or via our online careers portal.

What are the therapeutic areas treated by Sanofi's products?

Sanofi has 3 key Business Units;
• Diabetes and Cardiovascular which tackles chronic diseases with a large impact on our society;
• Sanofi Genzyme which specialises in multiple sclerosis, rare diseases, immunology and oncology and;
• General Medicine, which includes established products, generics and Consumer Healthcare and covers a diverse set of therapeutic areas, including pain, mental health, allergy treatments, thrombosis, renal, epilepsy, fertility and urology

What are Sanofi's leading products?

We have one of the most referenced portfolio of products in the industry, which means there isn't a short answer to this question. For more information on our leading products, please see our  Products Pages.