Like you, we take recruitment very seriously.

We've spent a lot of time, talking to and selecting our recruitment partners. Together, we work in partnership to source and select the very best people to fulfil any permanent, contract or temporary requirements we might have - across all directorates within the UK.

We operate a number of PSLs to meet the diverse range of our business.

These are currently closed to new partners until our annual review, later this year.

We hope you respect our decision to maintain the integrity behind this process, as our agencies have worked very hard to become part of team, something that you might appreciate if you choose to join the process and partner with us for the future.

We operate a no names policy within the organisation to protect our employees and maintain security, so we ask you to respect this, particularly if you want to be part of next year's review.

If you want to get ahead and log your expression of interest, then please contact us

Thank you in advance for your interest and cooperation.

Sanofi Recruitment Team