What makes us different

We think globally and act locally on all health matters, because people matter – including our own.

We know we need to consider the impact of our actions across everything we do

We are a global organisation, but we haven’t lost sight of what is important... putting lives first. Not only in terms of the products that we produce, but also the lives of the people at Sanofi. Our vision as a business is to help people, but we can’t do this alone. Only by employing talented individuals will we be able to reach our potential and help the 6.7 billion people that live on our planet.

If we’re going to realise these ambitions, we need a robust growth plan. Our model is one of sustainability; understanding that we need to consider and embrace the economic, social and environmental impact of our thoughts and actions in everything we do. We want to continue to be successful, but not at the expense of others or the planet.

Everyone at Sanofi contributes to ensuring that we operate within this model that incorporates four areas; responding to the patients’ needs; acting ethically in business and research; promoting social engagement and limiting our impact on the environment.

This level of care is extended to our people. Our culture is dynamic and empowering, yet nurturing and rewarding. We actively encourage open-mindedness, creativity and imagination. We take responsibility for our own decisions and results – celebrating our successes and learning from our mistakes. We exist in an environment of respect, solidarity and collaboration, sharing and learning from each other cross functionally to achieve our goals.