About Us

It is through our dedication to advancing global healthcare that we have become one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, driven by the energy and passion of our people.

Our position and growth has been achieved through a broad offering of medicines, vaccines and integrated healthcare solutions, with sales reaching €30.4billion in 2010.

At Sanofi we care about healthcare; because healthcare matters

Historically we've concentrated on working to alleviate and cure common diseases - both chronic and acute in nature (focussing on cardiovascular medicine, thrombosis, oncology, internal medicine, metabolic disorders, diseases of the central nervous system and vaccines). Whilst this work remains important, we never rest on our laurels, and with one of the biggest referenced portfolios of products in the world, we are constantly looking at ways to improve and advance.

So where does our future lie? We aim to continue to deliver new medicines to meet the needs of patients by being a partner of choice to those committed to improving people's health. We've devoted €4.4billion in R&D with over 65 compounds in advanced stages of development and continually adapt our business to meet these changing needs as required. This supports our ambition to challenge the status quo, ever-searching for innovative healthcare solutions to benefit both customers and patients.

We're also taking our products even further, reaching out to the evolving markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico), to further strengthen our position and fulfil our duty to help those that need it, wherever they need it.